EvoDent USA LLC Announces Workflow Validation and Strategic Partnership with Global Ortho Design

Now Available for all EvoDent customers to manufacture clear aligners in-house.

Cumming, Georgia— 9/9/2019 EvoDent USA LLC announced the immediate availability of Global Ortho Design, enabling EvoDent customers instant access to Global Ortho Design’s workflow. This partnership will provide access for both our dental offices and dental laboratory EvoDent customers, access to manufacturing clear orthodontic aligners in their practice or laboratory. This is a fantastic addition to the benefits of utilizing EvoDent 3D printers, and we are happy to welcome Global Ortho Designs as a member of the EvoDent family!

“The opportunity to create a strategic alliance with an amazing company like Global Ortho Designs gives our customers and future customers a complete Orthodontic Design and 3D printing workflow solution in-house. We are always looking to add value to our product line by creating new ways to increase the profitability of our customers,” said Chris T. Niquette, President at EvoDent USA LLC.

Global Ortho Designs

Global Ortho Design is a specialized design center of invisible aligners. We offer top quality designing and technological support. Our team has extraordinarily experienced professionals with more than 13 years designing the most complicated cases of invisible aligners. Their full digital communication platforms in real-time, allowing us to transfer files so you can review your cases from any device. This platform will make your cases easy to manage. How it works, it’s a web-based communication system; you can upload your case through the Global Ortho Design website with a real-time message center for quick and responsive service. You can do case tracking from any PC to also view the files from the 3D web viewer.

“Looking forward to supporting EvoDent and their customers that are fabricating “white label” aligners. Our designs, your success!”, said Mike Lomax, Owner/Founder, of Global Ortho Design.

We are also pleased to announce the partnership with StraightSmile Solutions® – they are a web-based, e-commerce, orthodontic consulting service that supports general and pediatric dentists, dental labs, and the dental industry. StraightSmile Solutions has been in collaboration with both Global Ortho Design and EvoDent to aid in streamlining the time from design to in-house manufacturing. Their CEO and Founder Dr. Amanda Wilson DDS said, “We’re pleased to support dental professionals through our collaboration with EvoDent and our in-house, clear aligner workflow.”

Global Ortho Design Availability

Global Ortho Design and EvoDent’s commitment to delivering the latest product enhancements. Global Ortho Design is immediately available for customers to utilize the streamlined workflow of having in-house clear aligners. To request more information, follow this link.

About EvoDent

Founded in 2018, EvoDent USA LLC has earned many product awards and is now on the way for providing the best in class service for its customers in the dental industry. EvoDent is committed to providing the best value for current and future customers by continually enhancing their technology, services, and value like the workflow validation of Global Ortho Designs with EvoDent’s 3D printing product lines.


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Keystone Industries and EvoDent Inc. Announce 3D Printing Collaboration

Gibbstown, NJ – Keystone Industries and EvoDent Inc. have collaborated to partner Keystone’s KeyPrint® line of dental 3D printing materials with EvoDent’s line of innovative and cost-efficient 3D printers, offering a premium set of dental solutions to the marketplace.

EvoDent’s line of 3D printers was introduced in 2017, now led by the E120 model DLP printer.  EvoDent’s printers are designed for extremely high accuracy, reliability, and production output, at a reasonable price and cost of ownership.  Since inception, EvoDent has gathered a loyal group of dental professionals who use the EvoDent technology every day in their workflows.

Keystone has been a trusted dental manufacturer since 1908 and has developed an expertise over several decades in manufacturing photopolymer formulations.  The KeyPrint® dental 3D printing solutions are manufactured in the USA at Keystone’s FDA-registered and ISO 13485 certified facilities.  The company partners with leading 3D printer companies to validate its state-of-the-art resins and increase its market presence.

“We are very excited to have validated our KeyPrint resins in the EvoDent line of printers,” said Ira Rosenau, president of Keystone’s dental group.  “EvoDent Inc. has a unique approach to bringing utmost value and quality to the dental 3D printing industry, and Keystone shares their commitment to excellent and precise printed dental appliances, while doing so at a reasonable cost to the dental end-users.”

EvoDent Inc’s Vice President Chris Niquette said “Having the KeyPrint line validated in our printers is an exciting next chapter for EvoDent.  The Keystone team has a rigorous focus on quality materials and innovative offerings, and to be able to partner those materials with the EvoDent printers is a huge value to our customers.”

EvoDent and Keystone will be presenting the EvoDent printers and KeyPrint materials at the Chicago Dental Society’s Annual Mid-Winter Meeting and at LMT Lab Day in Chicago from February 21-23, 2019.  The new E120 printer will be on display, as will Keystone’s materials like KeyGuide for surgical guides and KeySpint Soft.  Please stop by our booths (Chicago Midwinter booth 1340 and 4011; LMT Lab Day Booth’s M-31 and I-21) to learn more, or contact the companies directly.

About Keystone

Keystone’s group of dental companies focuses largely on consumable laboratory products and operatory/preventative products.  We are a global supplier, maintaining a diverse network of more than 800 U.S. and International dental distribution partners in 70+ countries.

Keystone has developed industry-leading products like our high-impact dental acrylics, thermal plastics and laminates, innovative and patent-protected laboratory offerings such as our Enamelite ceramic spray glazes, and our unique prophy paste that has won Dental Advisor’s top product award for 5 years running.  Keystone also has spent nearly three decades formulating and producing biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins for dental and cosmetic nail applications. We maintain FDA licensing, ISO 9000, 13485 (medical device) and 22716 certifications, GMP certification and international product registrations.

About EvoDent

EvoDent is a brand of dental-specific 3D Printers launched in 2017. Designed specifically for dental, our goal is to provide high quality and user-friendly products. Using advanced DLP Digital Light Processing) technology and our pre-processing software PolyDevs, we have streamlined and simplified dental 3D printing. The combination of our software and hardware has transformed the digital dental workflow from a traditional process to a fast and efficient workflow. This is how EvoDent is providing dental professionals and their patients with a new and improved level of patient care.

The Top 10 New Dental Products of 2018- DentalCompare

New things always bring an element of excitement, and that’s why new dental products always receive so much attention from you, the Dentalcompare audience. Our new product news posts are the most popular type of news we post, and when we add something new to the product directory, it’s worth the click to see the latest industry innovation.

As we take our look back at the most popular new products added to the site in the past year, the overall theme isn’t shy about the spotlight. This list is all about digital dentistry with intraoral scanners and 3D printers dominating the list. Only one product in the top 10 isn’t designed at least in part for CAD/CAM applications, and that product is actually a software application. This list is digital to the max, and that seems to be a good indicator of where this industry is headed.

1. EvoDent DLP 3D Printing System from EvoDent

EvoDent DLP 3D Printing System

In this, the year when 3D printing broke through, it’s no surprise that a 3D printer takes the top spot on this list of most viewed new products. The EvoDent DLP printer is designed to be a workhorse for both dental labs and dental practices. A completely open system, this printer is designed to work with almost any software solution and can produce parts for more than 10 dental applications. Add in the speed and accuracy of its prints, and it’s no surprise that plenty of Dentalcompare visitors stopped to give this new product a look.


Dental Tribune- EvoDent DLP 3D Printers

SHANGHAI, China: As the digital age takes dentistry into new worlds, the competition between companies to develop the best possible products is what drives part of the technical advancements. EvoDent is a leader in 3-D dental printing and just one of the pioneering forces in the evolution of dentistry.


Dental Tribune- NT Trading Partnership

China: As the digital age takes dentistry into new worlds, the competition between companies to develop the best possible products is what drives part of the technical advancements. EvoDent is a leader in 3-D dental printing and just one of the pioneering forces in the evolution of dentistry.


DPR (Dental Products Report)

EvoDent 3D printers are designed to produce products for more than 10 different dental indications with typical print times of less than one hour. The combination of DLP printing technology and nearly 20 years of proven 3D printing experience is said to create a highly reliable and versatile 3D printer.


Digital Enamel: Dr. August Review

Got a new toy! Evodent has been really taking the lab world by storm and are hoping to appeal to the Doctor market with the new Evodent 120 DLP Printer. Not a bad deal at $12,000 which INCLUDES a light box and ultrasonic cleaning station.


Dental Compare Featured Review

When it comes to 3D-Printing there are may different technologies out there, but when it comes to printing for the dental industry things get more complicated. Not only do you need a printer that is very accurate down to the microns but it needs to be fast and reliable. The EvoDent 3-D printer has been the best candidate thus far that fills all of these requirements.



LMT Printing Technology differences

EVODENT 3D, a division of UnionTech, offers two dental-specific 3D printers: the EvoDent and the E120. The high-resolution DLP printers are powerful and fast with industrial capabilities in a desktop platform and produce accurate, high-quality results.



LMT 3D Printing Guide

Just as 3D printing technology revolutionized the hearing aid industry—95% of hearing aids are now printed—it’s poised to transform fabrication processes in our profession. LMT shares experiences, challenges and advice from early-adopter lab owners and managers who’ve successfully implemented printing into their workflows.